An Honest Review On Bluehost’s Affiliate Program: Is It Worth Your Time And Effort?

Affiliate programs are becoming popular these days, especially when it comes to an attempt to make money without leaving their homes. Many online entrepreneurs have found success with affiliate marketing, and many would agree when they say that for you to become successful in this field, the first step is to find the right affiliate program.

When you search the internet, there is no denying that there are hundreds, probably thousands of different affiliate programs that you can find out there. Some have great commissions and payouts, but are difficult to sell, while some others offer a small percentage of the sales but sell like pancakes. It all boils down as to how you’ll find the program that you’ll invest your time and effort in.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Overview

Bluehost, a well-known web hosting solution, claiming that they get around 20,000 new customers on a monthly basis, has started to grow and become even more popular, most especially now that people are trying to set up a site on their own. While there is no denying that a hosting provider is one of the essential and first steps towards having an online business, Bluehost wants to take advantage of this high demand ratio, while sharing the opportunity to other people who’ll promote their products on their end.

Some of these new customers have probably seen some Bluehost coupons, while some others may be referred by other internet marketers, showing all of the benefits of choosing the said hosting provider over its competitors.

According to Bluehost, 5 million USD have been paid to their affiliates for commissions alone – this is a very promising number, especially if you’re trying to enter the affiliate marketing industry, and if you’re looking for a stable and big affiliate program to join. According to their official website, each successful sign-up using your affiliate or referral link earns you $65 in commissions – a pretty huge amount especially when you’re trying to supplement your regular work with something that you can do for a couple of hours a day.

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Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Despite all the fantastic claims, you have to understand that being an affiliate marketer requires dedication, time, and a lot of effort to see results. Many people who’ve been successful in this industry have done an enormous amount of work before they would start earning in auto-pilot. This means that you should be able to learn the basics of SEO to begin dominating the search engines, and at the same time, learn who your target market is for better conversions and sales.

While getting started as an affiliate with Bluehost isn’t difficult, getting your first sale might be a challenge for most. If you don’t have a name in the industry, or if this is your first time exploring opportunities like these, here are some essential tips that you can follow to start making money through Bluehost’s affiliate program.

Create Your Own Website

While the affiliate link works and you can simply share the link alone without a website, it is found out to be more efficient and effective if you have a website yourself. This way, you have your own space online allowing you to promote Bluehost’s products. Additionally, having a website of your own gives you an authority – it makes you look more professional, which means that more people may sign up under your affiliate link.

Create Your Mailing List

Since you have your site, you need a targeted audience. Create your own mailing list – take advantage of people who’ll sign up, and in return, give them coupons in exchange for their contact information. This allows you to do two things – get people to sign up on your mailing list, and at the same time, have the chance to promote Bluehost’s products by giving them a coupon so they’ll receive discounts upon subscription.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

The power of social media sites can’t be underestimated. As long as you have the right target market, getting sign-ups and commissions won’t be that hard. Remember, keep your social media profiles professional looking as much as possible. If you’re going to create a group, or an official fan page, give your market a reason why they should like your page. Give them relevant information, or answer most of the questions that they have before they make a purchase.

It’s not just about promoting Bluehost’s products – but it is also about helping other people find the right hosting solution, package and provider that suits their needs and their budget.

Is Bluehost’s Affiliate Program Worth The Time?

Nothing comes easy at first. If you dedicate your time and effort in making sure that your site gets seen, and if you spend time creating your list with the right target market, there is no denying that you can generate a continuous stream of revenue with Bluehost. You may find some other people claiming that they are not able to make a sale with Bluehost. Truthfully, it’s not fair to blame the company. The company has established an excellent reputation and its name alone is enough to help you make a sale.

Instead of thinking that you can make money quickly, you can always find ways on how you can improve your affiliate marketing efforts. Bluehost offers a lucrative way to earn money online, aside from the amazing marketing products and materials that you can use in promoting their products

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