Bluehost And Bluehost Coupons

Bluehost And Bluehost Coupons

About two decades ago, websites were only considered to be marketing tools that were used by corporations and other business entities to promote their products. As such, there were quite a few webmasters and an even fewer number of website hosting companies. In the world of today, where ICT seems to be the most illustrious industry, the percentage of personal websites being launched and hosted is at an increasing trend.

If there is one company that fully understands the technological transformations that have taken place over the past few years, then it definitely is Bluehost Company. Since its inception in the year 1996, when developments in computing technology were taking shape, the company has observed first-hand the rising demand for web hosting services.

Being A Major Player

Being a major player in the industry itself, Bluehost has established itself as one of the most credible web hosting companies that offer quality web hosting services to private individuals and other entities at an affordable rate. The company’s coupons, which are meant to give users access to the web hosting services, have always been computed with the intent of providing clients with the best rates.

Let’s tone down on the technical jargon that seems to be dominating the article and take a few steps back in order to bring everyone on board. So, what do we understand by web hosting? Before a web page is made available on the internet, several complex steps and measures are taken to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Webmasters Or Programmers

Webmasters or programmers will design a website, according to the user requirements. The programmer’s code is then compiled using a compiler so that it can be displayed on a computer upon request. For the content of the website to be visible to all, it must be maintained on a public server where people can access it from.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

The company that owns the public server is called a hosting company, and the whole process is referred to as web hosting. It is the responsibility of the hosting company to ensure that the website is available around the clock and that users can access it in the most efficient way. Obviously you will have to part with a fee of a certain amount depending on the company.

Bluehost Has Been Hosting

Bluehost has been hosting hundreds of thousands of websites for clients all over the world. The company boasts of having a state-of-the-art network infrastructure that is able to support data rates of up to 2Gbps. The main data center in Utah is made reliable by equipping it with quad processor servers, mirrored storage back-ups, 24/7 monitoring services, and a diesel-powered backup generator that is always on standby mode whenever the mains power supply fails.

Today, a number of other companies have tried to adopt the strategies that have made Bluehost this successful but none of them have even come closer to offering a real threat. The fact that Bluehost relies on cutting edge technology to provide reliable hosting services, it is able to price its coupons much lower than the competing firms. Thus, the company has maintained its dominance in the industry especially in Utah and across the states.

So, just what hosting services does Bluehost offer its huge number of happy clients? The unequalled services include:

  • Free domain name registration services
  • Free online marketing credits
  • Free templates that you can use to design your website
  • Unlimited creation and maintenance of email accounts
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth, and
  • Unlimited GB of free storage web space

All these amazing services come with a coupon of about $3.49 (current promotional price) per month. This is by far the most affordable rates that are available considering the quality of services as well as the entire package that we have just highlighted above. Both novice and expert web designers will find that Bluehost provides a very convenient web hosting service pack.

Starters can benefit from the shared hosting package that comes at $7.49 per month. The deal is even made sweeter if you opt to sign up for a two-year subscription cutting down the monthly costs from $7.49 to $ 6.99. Extend this to three years and a further $1 will be saved per month. The goodies don’t stop there as special discounts, and promotional offers are available from time to time.

They Are True Champions

To show that they are the true champions of web hosting, Bluehost has designed three flexible shared hosting plans that users can choose from. There is the starter pack that provides hosting services for a single website. 100 GB of storage space is freely provided with this package plus an unlimited bandwidth.

The other two are a plus pack and business pro pack that can be used to host an unlimited number of websites. The two provide unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth to ensure that users get optimum browsing experiences while accessing the web pages. The business pro subscription costs about $13.95 per month while the Plus package costs $5.95 monthly.

Before discounts, the packages above used to cost slightly more than the prices listed above. The thing that has probably contributed to the success of Bluehost is that they regularly review their discounts to ensure that the price cuts offered are satisfactory to their clients. This is to say that clients are almost guaranteed of amazing offers on the regular.


To put a bit of icing on the cake, Bluehost provides a 100% money-back offer to unsatisfied clients that is valid for the first month of the subscriptions. In conclusion, this company has really proved to be a major force to be reckoned with when it comes to web hosting services.

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