Bluehost Webmail Keeping in Touch with Your Emails Whilst on the Move

Bluehost Webmail Keeping in Touch with Your Emails Whilst on the Move

Email has become such an important part of our business and daily lives that we often take it for granted. However not all webmail services are created equal and some are better than others, and one of the best in terms of keeping you in touch with your friends and colleagues is Bluehost Webmail. With this program you’ll be able to create and manage unlimited accounts, account filters, keep spam away and more.

Why Do I Need Bluehost Webmail?

Bluehost Webmail

First off if you’re wondering what is Bluehost, it is a web hosting service aimed at those who are looking for an affordable hosting solution or a starter website. Unlike other website hosting services, Bluehost is very affordable and ideal for website builders and business starters.

Bluehost has a lot of features and we’ll get to that later, but first let’s take a look at its webmail service and why you need it. Aside from allowing you to manage unlimited email accounts, you can also set specific forwarding rules and filters.

Furthermore, their webmail service includes support for IMAP and POP3, unique user account controls, protection from spam and there’s even full third party compatibility.

The Benefits of Bluehost Webmail

Having a good website isn’t enough because establishing solid communications with your clients and customers are necessary. It’s true that there are a lot of webmail providers available online, and many of them are free. But it many cases it’s not enough.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Here are some of the advantages that Bluehost Webmail offers:

  • It is available anytime, anywhere so you’ll always be able to respond in time
  • The service is very reliable
  • Having a hosted email gives the impression you’re running a professional business
  • Having a personalized webmail account makes it easier for your customers to remember you because the domain has your name

Easy to Set Up

The emphasis is on making sure you’re always reachable even when on the go, and nowhere is this more evident than in the setup. Setting up Bluehost email accounts is easy, and with your control panel it will only take just a few seconds to finish the configuration.

If you want to make changes to your email account, create a new account or just examine the settings, go to your cPanel and go to “Email Accounts” in Mail. Follow the steps and your new email will be set up.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Yes, Bluehost offers unlimited email accounts. So if you have 5 people working for you, each one can have a personalized email account, but even if it’s just you, having multiple accounts carries several potential benefits, i.e., you can have separate emails for sales, customer support, inquiries and so on.

Every email account you create on Bluehost has its own address, password and login, and you have the option of setting up a mailbox quota for each account or just set them to unlimited. Being the administrator of your site, you have full control over each account.

You can access these emails from mobile devices like Android, BlackBerry and the iPhone as well as via email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, OS X Mail and Outlook. You can also access your email via the Bluehost webmail programs: Round Cube, Squirrel Mail and Horde. Each one has a unique set of features so it’s really a matter of personal preference, but all are free and preinstalled so they’re accessible from your control panel.

Not enough for you? Bluehost also lets you use other webmail services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. You just need to configure these webmail services one time and you’re good to go.

Complete IMAP and POP3 Support

This webmail service offers full IMAP support so you can save your emails on the server. As mentioned earlier, there’s also POP3 support so you can download your emails to your computer, save and view them later. This is a standard feature in webmail so it’s no surprise that it’s implemented here.

Spam and Antivirus Protection

Spam and Antivirus Protection

In Siteground review comparisons, Bluehost almost always comes out on top in many departments including cost efficiency, reliability, feature sets and protection from spam and viruses.

Email spam is a widespread problem as are viruses, but Bluehost offers plenty of protection. Your control panel has 3 options: the first is Prostini, a powerful spam and antivirus tool that for just a dollar a month per email address, will keep spam at bay.

The other options are Spam Hammer and Spam Assassin, both of which are free and do a very good job in terms of keeping spam off your inbox.

How Does Bluehost Compare with Fatcow?

Fatcow vs Bluehost who is better”, this is the question that often comes up, but really an objective comparison will show that Bluehost offers more for the money and not just for webmail.

Here’s a comparison of their features:

  • Bluehost costs $3.49 a month and renewal is at $5.95 a month. In comparison, Fatcow costs $4.08/mo and renewal is more expensive at $5.95/mo.
  • Bluehost includes Ruby on Rails, Perl, Custom Cron Jobs, Custom Error Pages, .htaccess Overrides and SSI, all of which are missing from Fatcow
  • As far as speed goes, Bluehost beats Fastcow by a significant margin. In one test, Bluehost was nearly 117% faster. This test was not done on a single day by the way, but a comparison covering a 30 day period.
  • Customer support: both hosting companies offer 24/7 customer support via email, live chat, and phone, and they both have help centers as well. However, feedback from verified Bluehost customers is much more positive, and particular praise has been given to the quick response times.

Ultimately what makes Bluehost effective is it shows you how to setup hosting a website from home quickly and easily. It’s also affordable and does exactly what it should, which is help you reach out to website visitors and potential clients and customers. What it all comes down to is that with Bluehost hosting and webmail you’re going to increase brand awareness and establish 2-way communication.

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