How I Was Able To Solve A Number Of Different Bluehost Problems

How I Was Able To Solve A Number Of Different Bluehost Problems

When it comes to sorting out any kinds of problems related to hosting, it can sometimes get a bit difficult. I have learnt this because I have utilized the hosting services of a number of different hosting companies and have had a number of difficult experiences dealing with the hosting problems that arose. It goes without saying that having any kind of problems with hosting can lead to such things as loss in revenue as hosting problems usually mean that a money site will be offline. Thus, here’s how I was able to solve a number of different Bluehost problems.

My First Decide

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I first decided to utilize Bluehost because I had read a blog post that talked about how great Bluehost was when it came to the many hosting companies that are currently in business. the blog post talked about how this hosting service is able to stay online for a long amount of time without any kind of scheduled maintenances. Furthermore, the blog post talked about how the support system that is implemented in this hosting service is one of the best that the person writing the post had ever seen. More importantly, the post talked about how Bluehost is one of the most affordable hosting services out there.

Reading this kind of information really got me interested in trying out the hosting plans that are on offer by this company. I knew that I would have to go ahead and complete a few online forms and then do an online payment in order to get the hosting I wanted. Thus, I decided to set a time and date that I would go ahead and complete these forms so I could finally get Bluehost hosting. I wanted to see if it really lived up to everything that the person in the blog was saying. After all, for all I knew the person that was writing the post could of just had a one off, exceptionally good experience with this hosting company.

When The Day Came

Hence, when the day came to start my hosting account with Bluehost, I was quite nervous. This is because I had opted to take a gamble and go with a one year plan rather than a reoccurring monthly plan. This is because the yearly plan with Bluehost is much cheaper than paying each and every month. Of course, the monthly payments for this hosting company is still cheaper compared to many of the other hosting companies. However, the point still remained, I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. I knew that I was being a little bit greedy by going with the risky option of a one year plan, but I had a weird confidence that this hosting company would turn out to be amazing.

Hence, I went ahead with the plan and was happy to see that my sites were running absolutely fine. In fact, I was even more surprised to find out that my sites were somewhat faster at loading than before. This, in turn, lead to greater profits. This is because the visitors of my website weren’t getting annoyed and leaving my site because it was loading too long. Hence, I was definitely able to make up for the costs of changing hosting companies after the first few days of increased revenue from my websites. Everything was looking good, I wouldn’t have thought anything would go wrong from this point. But it did.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

One Morning

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One morning I woke up to find that there was an error on a few of the pages on my website. This was very annoying as it meant that I would not be able to get the conversions that I was seeing days previous. Thus, I realized that Bluehost had their own phone number for support. Hence, I called them up immediately and asked if they could help me out. To my surprise, the support staff for this company was absolutely superb. They were very professional and were able to quickly pinpoint what exactly went wrong with my service. After a few minutes on the phone, my website was absolutely back to normal.

I have to say that my only Bluehost problem has been this. After this little problem, I haven’t had any kind of problems with this hosting company for months on end. Even better, due to the fact that I was inconvenienced by the hosting problem beforehand, I was compensated with a few extra months of hosting. This was absolutely amazing for me, and I would have never thought that hosting customer service could be this good. Not only were they able to fix my problem very quickly, they were also very professional and compensated me. Such things such as this is a sign of a truly quality service.

As You May Imagine

As you may imagine, I have been recommending Bluehost to all of my friends in such things as IT ever since this experience. The affordability of the service, along with the amazing customer support are really worth it. I think that this hosting company really is the best all round service out there for anyone who needs some hosting for such things as their online store. I believe more people could benefit from the services of this company.

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Thus, I would say that the Bluehost problem that I encountered was a little bit annoying, the way that the customer support handled it was absolutely amazing. It’s for this reason that I still use Bluehost and recommend it to my friends.

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