Web Hosting Kenya: Everything You Need to Know 101!

Web Hosting Kenya

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Web Hosting Kenya – What is web hosting? Well, it’s the virtual space where your website and its files are stored so that users on the internet can access them. Without web hosting, your site would only exist on your computer or as an offline document – not as a fully functioning website. A web host’s role is to provide storage space for your website’s files so that anyone with access to the host’s URL can see it.

Several types of hosting services are available, depending on what you need. This article explores all you need to know about web hosting in Kenya and how to choose one that suits your needs. Keep reading to find out more!

Web Hosting Kenya – What is hosting?

Hosting is storing and distributing files (such as website files and media) on a server that anyone with access to the URL can see. This is a crucial concept when looking at different web hosting services.

Hosting is used for many different services, such as websites, email, and online storage. The server computer that stores the data for these services is called a host. Hosting is a contract between a company that provides hosting services and a customer that uses those services. A hosting provider delivers web hosting services in-house or through a third party.

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Web Hosting Kenya – Shared Hosting

A shared hosting environment is the most cost-efficient option. It is where multiple websites and/or users share the same server. This can cause problems if you are running a high-volume website due to the risk of being affected by other users on the same server. For example, if one user’s site has been hacked and has automatically been shut down by the host’s security system, then the server will also shut down all the other websites on the same server.

This can cause a severe problem if you run a high-traffic website with more than one domain. This is why it’s important to know what type of hosting you have and what hosting you should use for your website.

Web Hosting Kenya – Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting is when an account is set up for each site on the same server. A hosting company might do this if you have a very high-traffic website that will bring in a lot of revenue for the hosting company. As mentioned before, knowing what hosting you have and what hosting you should use for your website is essential. Virtual hosting is usually reserved for large-scale businesses and organizations. If you are a small business or running a personal blog, then it’s best to avoid virtual hosting.

Web Hosting Kenya – VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, also known as “Virtual Private Server” hosting, is an in-between solution. It’s when a single physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual servers, each host its operating system. Each virtual server has its IP address and shares the RAM, the hard drive, and the CPU with other virtual servers.

This type of hosting is usually only available in dedicated hosting environments, and it’s best for websites with very high traffic and require scalability (the ability to grow as the user base increases). It’s also a good option for websites with high uptime requirements since each virtual server can have its backup power supply. VPS hosting is one of the more expensive web hosting options, but it’s worth the cost for businesses with specific hosting needs.

Web Hosting Kenya – Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means you have a server that only hosts your website. This type of hosting is best for large-scale websites with specific needs that require a lot of bandwidth. For example, if you’re running a website that uses an e-commerce platform, you require a certain amount of server storage and processing power to handle all transactions. Dedicated hosting ensures your server runs as efficiently as possible and can handle high traffic volumes.

Web Hosting Kenya – Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is another option that’s best for large-scale websites. Cloud hosting is when a company offers to host your website by running it on its servers. However, it’s a different type of service than dedicated hosting. It’s also different from virtual hosting. Hosting your website on a third-party cloud server is called “third-party cloud hosting.”

Third-party hosting is when you use a third-party service hosted on a cloud server. Third-party cloud hosting is another solution for businesses looking to scale their websites. It’s often used for large-scale e-commerce websites that require a lot of bandwidth.

Web Hosting Kenya – How to choose a web hosting service?

The best way to find a good web hosting provider is to research and read reviews to find one that matches your needs. When choosing a web hosting service, you should consider many things, including the host’s location, the amount of data transfer allowed, the amount of storage space you need, and the cost.

The host’s location is essential if you are worried about cyber attacks from other countries. For example, Russia has been highlighted as a hotspot for these types of attacks, so it’s best to choose a host in a country that isn’t associated with cyber attacks. Another essential factor to consider is the host’s bandwidth and storage space. You’ll want to ensure you have enough room to store all your files, but it’s also essential to find a host that provides a decent amount of bandwidth so that many users can find your website.

Web Hosting Kenya – Conclusion

Web hosting is a service that allows you to store your website’s files so users on the internet can access them. Depending on your needs, you can choose between several types of hosting services.

When looking for a web host, you should consider the host’s location, bandwidth and storage space, and cost. Hosting services are essential to running any website, and you’ll need to find the right one for your specific needs.

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